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What's in it For Me?

Correlate’s energy programs can make a measurable impact on your business. Our programs take care of the required tasks and work to help streamline tedious processes and let you focus on your business’s core competency. We are excited to support you and your company in reducing and managing energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions and are confident that our custom strategic energy programs will provide you a better route for creating and achieving your energy goals.  

Here are 5 ways our Energy Management Programs will help you:

1.Time, Tools, Staff and Knowledge:

Energy is one of the largest operating expenses for businesses, yet most lack the tools, staff, knowledge and time to make necessary energy decisions. For businesses that do not have access to this expertise, confidence in decision making is elusive and agnostic guidance is nearly impossible to find.  Correlate solves this by acting as the virtual energy manager for businesses unable to meet the opportunity.  We can also be a low-cost bolt on for businesses committed to energy management but under resourced to scale efforts efficiently.

2. Discipline, Persistence and Rigor:

Much changes every few years.   We work across proven and emerging generation and conservation measures that are packaged and timed for maximum benefit and ease.  Our expert network has unique depths on regulatory, finance, intelligent efficiency, renewable, and onsite generation markets.  We've designed our process framework on proven best practices and continuous improvement systems.

3. A Safe Place

Correlate sits on your side of the table, agnostic to specific technologies or vendors, centered on a performance-based fee model. Therefore, we don’t need to disrupt current vendor relationships and infrastructure. In a refreshing twist, as we implement your program, we are rewarded only when your business meets its stated goals, creating a win/win.

4. Win/Win Solutions

Businesses largely fly blind. You may not have the tools, time, or knowledge to proactively and continuously optimize your options and risks around energy, especially over many sites.   Correlate provides this capacity, on a pure performance basis Day 1.   With your business goals defined, we provide a data driven method and rigor to be proactive on energy issues and manage execution for your business, in partnership with experts and services providers.  No more guesswork, random circle backs, or lack of business case data to decide.

5. Risk Mitigation

The core technology and process framework behind the Correlate platform and your custom energy program is proven and deployed on over 100k sites in the US.  

There will be no upfront cost to you or your company to create your custom energy program.

These are just some of the benefits of our platform.
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Industry Acknowledgements

We are proud to have received the following awards and support from organizations recognizing entrepreneurial companies working to bring energy innovations to market.