Why You Need It

Energy is money, Let's save both!

What We Will Do Together


Correlate’s energy programs and services can help organizations with an established energy team as well as those who have no dedicated resource.  

If you need solution agnostic, data-driven support for planning and implementing strategic energy management, the Correlate Energy Programs will help you.

Correlate’s involvement does not end with a plan. As an extension of your team, aligned to your interests,  Correlate is not part of a company trying to sell a particular energy service or product.

Energy Assessment

Providing Solutions Not Sales

Correlate navigates a universe of vendors, options, and specialization. Then, through our custom energy programs, our experts will guide your business’ energy management plan from start to finish, ensuring measurable results.


Why Do You Need A Well-Managed Energy Program?

  • You want to improve your business
  • You want to increase cash flow
  • You want a competitive edge
  • You want to reduce risk
  • You want to save on energy
  • You need more capital for other parts of your business
  • You want to comply with current and upcoming regulations
  • You can’t afford a full time energy/sustainability manager.
  • You don’t want to hire a consultant
  • You can’t afford to hire a consultant

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Learn how the Correlate platform can provide the resources you need for energy transformation.