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Strategic Energy Management for Competitive Businesses

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It’s enough of a challenge to stay up to date with the latest advances and best practices in your own industry. To also try to be an expert in energy management can be a dangerous drain of time and resources to your business. 

Can you hire more staff or a consultant to do this? Sure, but this will be expensive and you won’t get a guarantee on their results.  This is where the Correlate platform can help by becoming your Virtual Energy Manager.

Download our Energy Manager Job Description to see the extensive requirements. 


Your Criteria is Our Criteria

Effective energy management requires engagement combined with strategy and market knowledge of the “art of the possible.”  The energy market is going through a massive transformation and is creating opportunities for savvy business operators. With the Correlate platform’s Virtual Energy Manager, you will gain the persistence and focus required on capitalizing on this opportunity, with no upfront costs, and payment that is tied to your business's energy savings results.


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Setting Energy Goals for Maximum Impact

The Correlate platform will leverage energy experts and leading edge technology to turn your drive for a competitive edge into a comprehensive energy management program.  The program you receive through our platform will drastically lower your costs and give you more flexibility to invest in other areas of your business.

If you have tried consultants, dashboard companies, or energy management solutions in the past, patching holes in your energy costs through the occasional audit, only to see your costs rise again in a year or two, then you need the Correlate platform to be your Virtual Energy Manager.

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