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Partnering With Correlate

What's in it For Me?

Correlate believes that our approach can make a measurable impact on the energy industry. Our Energy Program helps to streamline tedious processes and let you focus on your customer. We are excited to support you and your company achieve scale and believe that our program will provide you a better route for engaging your customers.

Here are 5 reasons why our energy platform will help you:

1. Existing Customer Pipeline:

Offer something fresh to your customers and differentiate by fostering a deeper conversation around what matters most to your customers, with our low cost, low effort custom strategic energy program subscription. This instantly provides a structured and data-driven way to gain critical insights into your customer’s needs.  Enabling more effective portfolio development work (knowing where to hunt, what to hunt and when to hunt).  

2. Past Customers:

Much changes every few years.  Correlate provides a fresh and new offer as well as a way to reconnect and monitor the health and well being of your past client’s locations.  You can position yourself in a leadership position for the next energy opportunity like Storage or Building Automation with granular, actionable data that Correlate will monitor for you.  If there is nothing left to monetize for your core offering, we provide a means to put more cash in your pocket through the deployment of other energy measures, effort free.

3. What’s in it for me?

Upfront payment incentives when your qualified customers with $1M spend or more engage us.

Plus, a long-term referral revenue stream from Correlate for any of your customers who move forward with our services.

4. What’s in it for my customer?

Your customers largely fly blind — they don’t have the tools, time, or knowledge to proactively and continuously optimize their options and risks around energy, especially over many sites.   Correlate provides this capacity with a low monthly subscription.  With their business goals defined, we provide a data-driven method and rigor to be proactive on these issues and manage execution for them, in partnership with you, when the agreed metrics can be hit.  No more guesswork, random circle backs, or lack of data to decide.

5. What’s the risk?  

The core technology behind the Correlate Energy Program is proven and deployed on over 40k sites in the US.  

There will be a low monthly cost to your customer or your company.  Correlate has made technical and business arrangements that will allow for the basic data visibility self-service to continue on for existing clients.

These are just some of the benefits of our program.
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Industry Acknowledgements

We are proud to have received the following awards and support from organizations recognizing entrepreneurial companies working to bring energy innovations to market.