How It Works

As your virtual Energy Manager our AI ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM takes the Guesswork out of Energy Management.

The First Steps Towards Intelligent Energy Management Systems

Every year businesses spend $600 billion on wasted energy. The average building wastes 30 percent of the energy it consumes.

The potential for energy efficiency is huge. But with only around 14000 energy managers for 6M commercial buildings, most companies are unable to leverage these savings.

As your Virtual Energy Manager, we turn your energy problems into business opportunities and do so at a fraction of the cost of a consultant or full-time employee.

Correlate makes it easy to secure expert guidance, develop a smart approach to energy spending, gain confidence in the business case and then, take action.

The Correlate energy platform lowers the barrier of entry to energy management, efficiency, renewable energy generation and financing, helping you secure an untapped avenue of growth that can have a substantial impact on your bottom line.  There is no up-front cost to join the platform.

Free Demo & Custom Energy Program

How Businesses Can Reduce Their Energy Consumption

You Know How Much You Spend on Energy

Our energy platform can act as your Virtual Energy Manager. You will have instant access to energy tools, services and experts that will collect and qualify relevant data about your buildings, business and utility relationships to assess your current energy picture.

This historical data  is combined with expert perspective and your business goals to create  your custom strategic energy program. Then your Virtual Energy Manager creates business cases for you based on ROI, ease of implementation and financing.

10 Costs Hidden in Your Energy Bill


This custom strategic energy program will enable you to make smart choices based on value, not guesses. You have the business case you need to invest in energy management without having to do all of the legwork yourself. As your Virtual Energy Manager, our platform acts on your custom program with custom solutions. We will utilize financing and reinvest savings to build momentum. We keep the effort going and repeat for continuous improvement.

Learn more about energy management by downloading our eBook, Introduction to Energy Management.

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