Frequently Asked Questions

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+What’s included in my subscription?

Your subscription includes Correlate’s:

Energy Spend Management platform. This tool digitizes and centralizes your energy billing data, collecting and comparing ongoing utility bills and facility characteristics to identify billing errors and ensure you’re on the best rate plan.

Facility Simulation platform.

This tool uses collects data to identify opportunities. The technology gives you the confidence to know which measures to pursue, what they’ll cost, how they can be financed, and what savings to expect.

Proven process. We have rigorous workflows and systematic approaches for each component of the energy management process, from the identification of opportunities to the verification of savings. 

+How is Correlate’s approach to energy management different than other solutions?

There are three key differentiators:

  1. Correlate believes you want to use energy as efficiently as possible, but most businesses don’t have the time and in-house expertise needed to identify, evaluate, and execute on opportunities.
  2. We provide a balance of technology (building modeling & analysis) and human interaction that ensures you get the best possible outcomes at industry-low costs. 
  3. We bring buyers and sellers together to present you with cashflow-positive energy opportunities. Simply put, we help you understand what you need to buy, and help energy service providers know exactly what you need.

+What solutions and measures commonly contribute to energy savings?

While working with each customer to achieve their individual organization energy goals requires personalization, there are technologies that are common to virtually all organizations.

For example, addressing lighting and building heating and cooling efficiency is very common. Taking steps to tune-up, replace or upgrade these technologies, as well as other energy reduction tips, can have a dramatic effect. Depending on the nature of your business, addressing fans, motors, refrigeration, and other critical equipment could result in a similar tune-up, replacement, or upgrade paths to savings.

Additionally, participating in lucrative local, state, and utility-sponsored energy efficiency incentive programs and demand response & load management programs are appraised to yield the best possible return on investment and energy-saving outcomes.  And, on the supply side, distributed energy resources like solar and other renewable energies are assessed for consideration.

+How much new cashflow can we generate?

Savings are proportionate to the number of measures and projects acted upon that move you off of your baseline. It is not uncommon for our strategic energy activities to create 20% net utility savings (improved cash flow) for businesses that have not extensively pursued energy conservation, efficiency, or renewable generation measures in the past. 

+How long is a typical Correlate program engagement?

Typically three years. This can be variable depending on the quantity and complexity of your individual assets and the nature of your energy management goals. The key is persistence. 

Generally, it will take our energy concierge anywhere from 30-90 days to collect key data and create your custom Energy Program.

The process of analysis, recommendation, contracting, installation, validation then becomes a fluid relationship over the coming multiple years.  This results in the ability to prioritize and act on energy-saving opportunities over time, along with firmly validate savings associated with implemented opportunities, and avoid slippage in savings.    

Think of Correlate in the same vein as a financial advisor. Businesses need to make a small investment in order to adapt and execute energy management strategies to keep up with changes in the market and realize savings that greatly exceed their costs. 

+Why should I spend time thinking about energy management?

Energy is often a top-five business expense, and commercial businesses and buildings on average have 20% energy waste. These stats, coupled with the fact that many improvements can occur with no out of pocket expense, means energy which has historically been seen as a fixed cost, can become a new revenue stream. 

Additionally, customers are trending to make loyalty-to-business decisions in part around how companies present themselves as stewards of energy and the environment.  And while Correlate does not speak directly to the idiosyncrasies of sustainability efforts, tracking and utilizing data within the Energy Spend Management platform, along with identifying and optimizing energy-related expenses and resource usage can play a key role in building brand loyalty along with reductions in consumption and spend.

+What typically prevents businesses from addressing energy management?

Beyond the traditional barriers of too little time, lack of subject matter expertise to make confident and informed decisions, and the misconception it takes significant CapX investments to yield successful results; Energy is often a siloed expenditure across multiple departments, including facilities, finance, and procurement. It is often delegated to more junior staff, meaning senior management isn’t aware of the cross-department opportunity for material budget savings.

+How does Correlate help remove barriers, and unlock savings potential?

We address each of the common barriers to energy projects head-on, including lack of time, lack of knowledge, and perceived lack of budget. We work with leaders from across the enterprise to identify opportunities, do the legwork to create and deliver business cases, and facilitate easily-comparable equipment and financing bids to make it straightforward and accessible to save energy and enhance corporate sustainability.

+What types of companies & businesses are a good fit for energy management services?

Of course, any company with a desire to improve and root out waste is a good fit, as they can turn energy expenditures into revenue streams. More specifically, the following qualifiers help identify ideal candidates for energy management, and Correlate services:

  • Our basic FacilityBid subscription costs less than $1,200 per year. So, if your energy bills are $25,000 per year, our cost is less than 5% of your spend. If you spend $50,000 our cost is less than 2.5%. So the question really comes down to what percent of your current annual energy spend are you willing to invest to get a return of 15-25%+ that will last for years to come?
  • Multi-site businesses: as the ability to digitize traditionally decentralized data points, identify trends, and build site-specific and cross-portfolio solutions can result in significant savings
  • Facilities that operate at a high level of capacity during the peak energy period of the day [afternoon through early evening], or that have extended work/operating hours, i.e. the equivalent of multiple shifts
  • Specific market verticals include but certainly are not limited to*:
    • Hospitality & Entertainment
    • Healthcare
    • Education
    • Municipal & Public Sector
    • Retail
* Contact us directly if you have questions about your business’s energy-saving potential

+Do you have examples (case studies) of how businesses see savings with Correlate?

Absolutely.  This is a case study for hospitality. If you don’t see an example that’s similar to your business, contact us. Chances are we have a case study or series of examples we can share to relate to your business and energy management potential. 


+What does Correlate cost?

Correlate is an ultra-low-cost subscription-based service with two price points, designed to maximize your savings potential and financial return. We work with you to understand the mix of facilities across the portfolio to assign appropriate energy solutions where deep savings are achievable. Higher energy-using facilities are best suited for the FacilityBid product which costs less than $1200/yr (two meters), with lower users ideal for our $240 per year with our Access product.

Correlate strives for costs to be less than four (4%) percent of your annual energy spend, with 20%+ energy savings as a target. Other alternatives such as consultants, engineers, ESCOs, etc, can often command 15-40% of energy spend or savings. Correlate directs more of your savings to your bottom line. 

+How in-depth is your analysis for $99 per month?

Our subscriptions start at $99 per month per facility for two meters (electric & gas).

Correlate utilizes an industry-leading mix of human interaction and energy software that allows us to swiftly produce a "digital twin" of your facilities, energy usage, and spend data to build energy models that lead to delivering business cases illustrating the value and funding options for energy-saving projects and opportunities.

These business cases can be used by your leadership team to inform your own energy team’s activities, or to engage Correlate to similarly take on the procurement of contract-level pricing & funding activities, and longer-term installation and project validation.

+What’s the potential for savings?

Clients regularly see 10 to 30% savings through a mix of energy demand & supply opportunities, often via cashflow-positive projects, and funding mechanisms that don’t require out-of-pocket capital (CapX) expenditures. 

+What do you need from us to get started?

Not much. Our mission is to provide significant material recommendations via easy-to-access data. The following two items are all it takes to get started on an energy-saving journey:

  • Authorization and access to online utility data to review the last 12 months of energy use, along with access to future monthly data 
  • Basic details on each of your facilities: sq. ft., age of the facility, fuel used to heat and cool air & water (e.g., electricity & natural gas)  

+How much of our time is involved?

Relatively little.  In addition to online utility and basic facility data, we conduct a 45-60 minute ‘Discovery’ call with key energy team leaders from your facilities, energy, finance, and sustainability teams to understand your past energy endeavors, current initiatives and goals, funding criteria, and other wants & needs that help direct initial energy-saving activities.

Around 60 days later, we’ll convene this same team to review and discuss proposed Energy Plan activities, which will serve as the basis for conversation around prospective energy initiatives and projects that will chart the tasks and milestones we’ll pursue on your behalf for the upcoming 90 days, or fiscal quarter. 

After that, we’ll conduct quarterly meetings to review results or our work, make decisions and identify the next applicable series of tasks and milestones, and establish anticipated lines of communication. 

+What happens when we get started and our subscription is started/active?

Click here to review the detailed Process document that details each step.

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