Frequently Asked Questions

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+What is Correlate?

Correlate is the quickest path to completing energy projects for organizations. We bring together a full suite of energy experts, tools and payment programs to create profit through a well managed energy strategy.

+Can my energy company partner or "white label" Correlate's platform and programs?

Yes, please contact us. Correlate energy programs remove obstacles that kill energy projects, delivering ready buyers (for your services). 

If you're an energy industry product or service provider looking to create "Private Label" or "White Labeled" programs for your customers.  We offer attractive pricing and revenue participation for partners. 

+What are solutions and measures commonly included in your programs?

Please visit our Program Tools page to see what many of our custom strategic energy management programs include.

While helping customers achieve their individual organization energy goals requires personalization, there are technologies that are common to virtually all organizations. For example, addressing lighting and building heating and cooling efficiency immediately is very common. Taking steps to tune up, replace or upgrade these technologies, as well as other energy reduction tips, can have a dramatic effect. Depending on the nature of your business, addressing production process, fans, motors and other critical equipment could result in a similar tune-up, replace or upgrade path. Different methods of energy conservation, such as deploying granular controls, considering switching amongst fuel sources or providers, participating in lucrative state or utility company sponsored conservation programs (electricity, natural gas, water) and/or generating your own energy are other measures which may also make sense.

+Is there a certain size organization that works best for your programs? (What markets will it work in?)

Correlate can help organizations of any size, that are in the United States, to set goals and achieve their energy management results.

+How much do Correlate's programs cost? (How much does the Correlate energy concierge service cost?)

It will not cost you anything to engage the Correlate. If you find our Energy Program valuable, we will ask that you pay a small monthly fee for continued access and help from our services. Program savings, most always, pay for all service and energy project costs.  Net benefits for your business can easily be 10-30% of current energy cost. (Increased cash flow/profits)

Our fee will be directly proportionate to the cost of specific resources that you have under management with us. We will share the amount of the fee (and how we solved for it) as soon as we have established a baseline measurement of your resources to be managed. We can alternatively provide you an estimate in advance of engagement.  If we don't achieve your programs savings goal, we will credit you back our fees. 

+How long is a typical Correlate program and engagement?

This can be variable depending on the quantity and complexity of your individual assets and the nature of your energy management goals. Generally, it will take our energy concierge anywhere from 30-120 days create your custom energy program.  Deployment and management is ongoing as part of our platform services. 

+What happens with the data that is created by an engagement with Correlate?

The data we collect is, and always will be, yours. We will retain your data indefinitely unless notified to do otherwise. We will never share your data with another party without your consent.

+How does the Correlate platform know what strategies and programs are relevant to my organization?

Your Correlate will work with you to better understand your organization's energy costs, goals and objectives, while simultaneously engaging vendors, solutions providers and utility representatives within local markets to solve for what is possible. We use data that we have gathered from you and your facilities to support this. (Our energy concierges are experienced in all major Generation Technologies, Energy Efficiency Frameworks, and Standards as well as program financing)

+Who in my organization should be engaging with the Correlate?

If you're an energy champion in you company contact us! Ideally, company representatives who can speak for the business as to short term and long term goals, who have the ability to define success for the business and also have decision-making capacity within the business are critical participants. This is most often C-level leaders or members of the executive leadership team. Interaction with operations and facilities personnel can be tremendously helpful (when and if these roles exist). Depending on the nature of the business goals, other staff may be asked to participate (often times in a limited capacity) as well.

+How much will I save?

Savings are proportionate to the number of measures acted upon that move you off of your baseline. It is not uncommon for our strategic energy programs to create 20-40% net utility savings for businesses that have not used energy monitoring devices or pursued energy conservation or renewable generation measures in the past. While rare, 40%+ savings is not unheard of!

+We've done some energy projects in the past... what makes your platform different?

First off, congratulations on managing your energy! Well done. Our energy programs incorporate your past energy work. They are agnostic to specific technologies or vendors and centered on a performance-based fee model. Therefore, our energy programs don't disrupt current vendor relationships and infrastructure. Our programs are additive because we deploy energy decision support tools, data infrastructure, and expertise and then pair this with proven energy management frameworks. This creates a comfortable space for you to engage and become aware of your options and their value to your organization.

+Can you support my Title 24 efforts?

Likely, yes. Please contact us.

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