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Do You Need an Energy Audit -- or is There Something Better?

An energy audit or building energy assessment may seem like the best way to curb energy spending and ensure that your business is operating at maximum energy efficiency. While a business energy audit can be a valuable tool, it is not always necessary -- and is not always the best first step to take -- when you’re looking to get a handle on energy use and utility bills.

The Weaknesses of Energy Audits

Energy audit professionals can be quick to recommend an audit for your business as a solution to your sky high energy bills and a pathway to sustainability. The truth is that energy audits are hardly the cure all that is often advertised.

Most Energy Audits are a Relic of the Past

A typical building energy assessment is a static look at how your company currently uses energy. This approach, while extremely useful in the past, hardly addresses the complex reality of our current energy environment. Not only are there new technological possibilities for harnessing sustainable energy, there are simply more ways in which companies use energy and therefore more ways to assess and conserve that energy. Modern companies are so reliant on consistent, reliable, affordable energy that old methods for addressing energy use no longer cut it.  The beset companies are making energy an integral part of their overall strategy. 

Energy Audits Waste Money

A commercial energy audit is not inherently a waste of money, but in many cases, companies are simply not set up to apply what they learn from the audit to make actual changes. While energy efficiency audits may be able to look at your utility bills and tell you where your energy is going, they rarely provide you with actionable intelligence. Instead, too many companies end up spending thousands of dollars on an audit only to make zero changes to their overall energy strategy.

A Building Energy Audit Doesn’t Solve a Problem

If you are considering an energy audit, you probably already have a sense that something is wrong -- or could be better -- with the way that your company uses energy. Whether you are spending too much on your bills each month or leaving a huge carbon footprint that is driving away sustainability-conscious customers, you want to make a change. An energy audit, however, does not make that change for you and may not even make it clear to you how you can make that change on your own. Further, many companies who engage in a commercial energy audit do not have resources allocated for follow up on the audit’s findings. A thorough energy report can start to gather dust nearly as soon as it is completed without the right resources and a plan to make changes to your corporate energy strategy.

How the Correlate Process Trumps an Energy Audit

Strategic energy management requires a holistic view of your company’s energy usage and overall business strategy and energy audits rarely provide this kind of assessment. The Correlate energy platform takes a big picture view of your energy usage and business goals then combines this with actionable information and recommendations taking precedence from the beginning. Perhaps most importantly, Correlate gives you the resources to take action, creating a strategic energy plan that will work seamlessly with your business and save you money.

Finally, the initial Correlate energy assessment is completely free. There is no need to waste money on a building energy audit that may or may not result in savings or strategic advantage.

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