Your Custom Energy Program

a no cost way to jump start energy management

Custom Energy Program: 

We are requesting a few pieces of information to help get started with your Custom Energy Program.

This is a detailed plan is based on the goals of your organization and has data driven recommendations that will save you energy and money.


Strategic Energy Management: 

Correlate is a platform to connect organizations with on demand expertise and energy management solutions.

Part of the methodology is setting goals based on real world analysis of your building data. We aggregate, organize, benchmark, and baseline your energy consumption and financial cost of an underperforming building, and create a package of solutions that works.  


Unique to your Organization:

If your organization is considering investing in high efficiency equipment and improved building performance, then a Custom Energy Program will help make this a reality.

There are a variety of incentives and useful financing programs to upgrade to high efficiency equipment, implement process improvements, and implement technologies that reduce energy consumption and peak demand.

A Custom Program will identify the ways to reduce the payback period of equipment, promote energy efficiency and lower your electricity bill.

If you are ready to begin your project? Our network of independent experts and solution providers  includes companies in your area who are trained in our programs and can help you complete your project.


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