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Who We Are & How We're Making Intelligent Energy Decisions Happen

January 14, 2016 / by Max Dworkin

Innovation in Energy is improving and the viability of new options for businesses is at an all time high but the adoption of these options is too slow and we must accelerate things in a big way.    

The bad news? The industry cost to acquire customers is increasing while customer loyalty is at an all time low.  For every startup to mature technology supplier, financier, consultant, auditor, et.c the story is the same -- “no decision” is the enemy or an 18 month sales cycle remains the norm.  And frankly, there is little anyone can do via a go it alone strategy, we need to change the rules of engagement.

The good news? Believe it or not, we already have the technologies we need to make huge strides in accelerating the adoption of valuable and innovative energy options today. It is simply a packaging and deployment issue. It is up to us to help businesses make these intelligent energy decisions happen efficiently and at scale.   We can change the status quo, accelerate adoption and create sustainable profitability and growth. First, businesses must change their relationship with energy and Correlate is going to help make that happen.

We have been asked by many folks if they can participate in this transformation?  This means a lot to us as we are very fortunate to have you as colleagues, family and friends who support our efforts. The short answer is, YES.  As a start, we want to share our secrets with our industry peers and offer you these 5 Shortcuts to Getting Customer Commitment On Energy Projects:
 5 Shortcuts to Customer Commitment

If you’re curious about helping in these areas please reach out to us and subscribe to our blog for more exciting updates!


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Max Dworkin

Written by Max Dworkin


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