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Take 4 Big Steps Towards a Comprehensive Energy Plan

April 19, 2017 / by Max Dworkin

If you’re even attempting to develop a comprehensive energy plan for your company, you’re ahead of the curve.

Of course, making an attempt is hardly enough to get a competitive edge.

Developing an energy plan from scratch requires quite a bit of effort, but there are a few big steps that you can take, starting today, if you want to begin down the path towards effective energy management.

Consider an Energy Audit

Much like it is impossible to create a weight loss plan without ever getting on a scale, it can be all but impossible to develop an energy management strategy without knowing where you currently stand. Performing an ASHRAE audit on your facility can be a good way to establish an energy use baseline so that you can build your energy plan effectively. In fact, it’s a good idea to have a firm grasp on where your energy use stands before you attempt to make any energy management goals. But remember, audits are not right for every organization.

To learn more about ASHRAE energy audits, check out our blog, A Guide to ASHRAE Audits.

Calculate how much an energy audit may cost you with our Energy Audit Calculator.

Define Your Energy Goals

“I want to manage my energy use” is not a specific enough goal to make any type of meaningful change. Rather, when you start to develop an energy plan, you will want to get as specific and measureable as possible. A goal like “I want to decrease our energy spending by 15% over the next 18 months” is a much better goal that will allow you to build a plan that centers on actions that will drive you towards that goal.

Of course, your energy management plan may be targeted towards multiple goals, but it is important that each is specific and measureable.

Build a Business Case

Strategic energy management is an investment. You need buy-in from the people that sign the checks on down to the staff that turn the lights on and off if you want your energy plan to bear fruit. Before you can make any serious investments in energy management, you’ll need to make a case. Figure out how much you can save on utility spending, where you could direct your saved resources, and how energy management will give you a competitive edge. Put together a presentation that shows just how meaningful an energy management plan can be if you expect to get the resources you need.

Engage an Energy Platform

If the steps we’ve already outlined seem like a lot, they are. Comprehensive energy management is not a task you can expect to accomplish effectively in a few weeks or even a few months. Building an energy plan when you’re not an energy expert will take a tremendous amount of time and resources.

If you’re serious about energy management, it’s time to start looking for the right platform to help. The Correlate energy platform is at its most effective when you utilize it throughout the energy management process, from helping you to set strategic goals and put together a business case to executing your complete energy management plan.


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