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Key Elements of the Energy Manager Job Descripton

June 21, 2017 / by Max Dworkin

Whether you’ve decided to hire an energy manager or are still looking for ideal energy management solutions for your company, you’ll want to know what an energy manager job description looks likes. For the former scenario, you’ll need to go a bit further and learn how to write one for yourself.


Writing an energy manager job description, whether or not you are ready to hire, can also be a powerful exercise to help you determine why you are considering investing in energy management. You will uncover your larger energy management goals and may recognize ways in which you could achieve those goals without hiring expensive full-time help.


Following are the most essential elements of an energy manager job description.



What are your goals for implementing strategy energy management solutions? The ideal job description should be very clear on the goals that will be tasked to the energy manager, such as:

  • Analyze and assess the economic impacts of utility company rate structures 
  • Compare the energy performance of one facility to another, as well as to competitors, in order to prioritize improvements. 
  • Understand and analyze energy use patterns
  • Use simulation software and spreadsheets to accurately represent pre and post retrofit building operation
  • Reviewing contract documents and conduct job surveys 
  • Assist in the preparation of cost estimates for projects
  • Understand construction processes and schedules


Managing your company’s energy strategy comes with a lot of responsibilities. In addition to details such as who the energy manager reports to and how energy management success will be measured, some of the key responsibilities the energy manager job description should include:

  • Conduct reviews during project construction to assess impact of any changes to the original contract scope of work
  • Analyze data output for trends and/or deviations
  • Develop/streamline existing reporting capabilities from a software standpoint and a usability perspective
  • Investigate new technologies
  • Assist in the preparation of cost estimates for projects


As with any job description, the skills necessary to perform the functions and responsibilities of the energy manager should be outlined in the job description as well. Some of the critical skills that should be included in an ideal energy manager job description are:

  • Ability to read, analyze, and interpret plans, specifications, contract documents, control drawings, service bulletins, technical procedure manuals, equipment specifications, and governmental regulations.
  • Ability to write reports, business correspondence, and procedure manuals.
  • Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from top management, customers, and service personnel.
  • Ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions. 


Energy management credentials are an indicator of how invested an energy manager is in his job. Some of the most common energy management credentials that a job description might include are:

An ideal energy manager does not need to have all these credentials, but at least one shows a dedication to continuing education.


If you include all the above elements in your energy manager job description, you are likely to get qualified candidates.


If, however, you are not ready or able to invest in a full-time energy manager, the Correlate Virtual Energy Manager can help. Contact us to learn more.



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Max Dworkin

Written by Max Dworkin


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