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How an Energy Platform Can Help Your Company

September 24, 2015 / by Eric Graf

It may sometimes seem difficult to find the time to step back from the endless pile of daily business tasks and look at the big picture of potential adjustments that could positively affect your business. 

But taking the lead to get your company to invest time, effort and finances into an analysis of energy use can save money, conserve natural resources and improve productivity by making the workplace more comfortable.

Conducting an energy-use analysis of your business (also sometimes called a commercial energy audit) can help your company in many ways, such as: 

  • Saving money on monthly utility bills
  • Tracking when equipment and workspaces are being used and how much energy they are consuming
  • Planning equipment purchases to improve energy and staff efficiency like the installation of better lighting, heating and cooling systems. 
  • Establish an energy savings plan. 

How Energy Platforms Can Help

Researching and analyzing all the information necessary to make changes is extremely time-consuming, which is why it helps to work with a team of energy professionals who can utilize an energy platform to calculate and deliver results. 

Potential Windfall Instead of Cost

Energy analysis and conservation are becoming strategies for financial and competitive success for leading companies. In 2014, The Guardian reported on a study showing that corporations "actively managing and planning for climate change" were gaining an 18% or higher return on investment when compared to companies not doing so.

The Guardian noted that industries in the lead on this gain included apparel, consumer durables, healthcare equipment and transportation.

In a 2015 The New York Times article, social problems journalist David Bornstein notes that energy efficiency should be viewed societally as "a potential windfall" instead of a cost, because careful retrofits for energy efficiency have the potential to provide rapid payback. 

Energy analysis and evaluation through a platform like Correlate can unlock the answers that help your company seize these opportunities.

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Eric Graf

Written by Eric Graf


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