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Correlate provides energy programs for building portfolios that require no-upfront-capital.

Accomplish more with your resources and complete more energy projects with Correlate's energy programs.


Energy Consumer

Reduce your organizations's risk and create more profits by leveraging Correlate's unique payment programs to put more cash in the bank.  Deploy our strategic energy programs and energy management systems for big energy changes.

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Energy Product or Service Provider

Use Correlate programs to provide your customers with holistic customized energy solutions and energy management systems that meet the needs of a changing landscape. All packaged and delivered in a cash flow positive package (Energy Generation, Energy Efficiency, and Payment Programs).


Energy Expert or Engineer

Become part of our network of trusted energy experts, helping to create scalable energy management systems and programs.  Now, you can offer a complete solution including Energy Generation, Energy Efficiency, and Payment Programs.



See what our customers are saying

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  • Terramar

    "The Correlate platform's virtual energy manager quickly helped Terramar find the best solution for our unique needs. They built a clear path to project execution, improving our returns by 30% compared to prior ad hoc efforts"
  • Safeway

    "Our virtual energy manager is a force multiplier to our accomplished team. The platform's persistent market intelligence combined with needed, on the fly capacity allows proactive strategies to materialize and scale"
  • Stion

    "The platform's unique process was streamlined and built around the customer experience. Correlate's virtual energy manager reduced time to sale by 50% by creating the needed fact driven trust that leads to decisions being made."
  • EcoVox

    "As an independent engineering firm, we were able to earn 3x as much through the Correlate platform and remove the upfront cost barrier for businesses. Now, we get to what matters faster and share in savings we identify."
  • Energy Star Partner

    Correlate is proud to have been officially accepted as an Energy Star Partner, proving that our platform and Virtual Energy Manager product aligns with the federal government's energy reduction goals.

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  • City Of Keene

    "The Correlate team delivers a terrific presentation and energy plan.   Their energy management services really provide exactly what we were looking for.   It isn’t too often than I leave a meeting with some clarity, and their virtual team guided us quite expertly through the complex and hard to access topic of energy management. Thank you Correlate."
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Industry Acknowledgements

We are proud to have received the following awards and support from organizations recognizing entrepreneurial companies working to bring energy innovations to market.